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Where do Reborns come from?

A "Reborn" is a special type of collectible, realistic doll. Reborn Doll Sculptors create life-like clay sculptures of babies that are manufactured into blank vinyl "kits". (Some suppliers make 3D scans of actual newborn children and turn them into doll kits!) Usually these kits consist of a head, limbs, and belly plate or full body. Sometimes these kits are limited edition! 

In the beginning, Reborn Doll Kits are unpainted, disassembled, unweighted, and do not have any hair or eyes. Reborn Doll Artists, like myself, use specific techniques to bring each doll to life!

I use Genesis Heat Set Paints in dozens of layers and a rainbow of colors to make lifelike skin tones, mottling, milk-spots, veins, birth marks, and other precious details. Various skin textures are added, too. Raised bumps and fine hairs, gloss and satin finishes, and more! If the doll has open eyes, I use Lauscha German Hand Blown Glass eyes!

Next, a specific type of soft, shiny mohair is "Rooted" into the head, a few hairs at a time, in the direction of natural hair growth. Similarly to painting fine details, this process is also very meticulous and painstaking! Often, the eyelashes are also rooted.

Finally - the Reborn Doll is assembled, weighted, scented, photographed, and ready for adoption! Clothes, magnetic pacifier, plush blanket, along with Certificates of Authenticity and a Birth Certificate.

Progression of Work