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Description of Triplets

      Miniature Byron, Emma, & Claire are adorable tiny 10" sculpts by Denise Pratt. They have 3/4 arms and full legs with doe suede cloth body bodies. They are weighted to about 1 pound each with Glass Beads and Poly-Pellets. All internal weighting supplies are professionally concealed, glued, and lined respectively. They have strong magnets concealed behind their mouths for tiny pacifiers. Emma and Claire have blue and green glass eyes.

         The triplet's Mohair is soft and shiny blonde, red, and brunette color. (Hair Styling suggestions found here.) Their silky mohair is directionally hand rooted with an ultra fine German 43G forked needle - only one or two hairs at a time in the pattern of natural hair growth. Each bab has a swirling crown and whispy eyelashes.All the hair is sealed inside with two layers of Water-proof sealant and lined with felt. It can be gently washed when necessary. Spritzing Mohair conditioner and a little Baby Oil will keep her hair styled and lovely! I like to style the baby's hair while wet and let it air dry in place.


       These babies skintones were created with Genesis Heat Set paints in a rainbow of colors in dozens upon dozens of layers to create depth and realism. They have painted eyebrows to match their hair. All the babies skin is sealed with a thin, textured layer of transparent medium for protection and added realism. Their mouths and tongues, lips, eye waterlines, nostrils, and nails are coated with either a glossy or satin medium for appropriate realistic finishes.