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Hairline Reference Photos

Directional Mapping Lines

Rooting Tutorial Videos

My recommendations:

43 Gauge Forked Rooting Needle. White watercolor pencil for drawing mapping lines. Tweezers, Comb, & Scissors. Spray bottle of water & Spray bottle of mohair conditioner. A pillow of some kind that supports the doll head as you work. Good lighting so you are not squinting. And, comfortable seating--rooting mohair takes a while.

When using a forked rooting needle, the direction you hold the needle makes all the difference! If you hold the needle wrong, you will not pick up any hair. 

The correct way to hold the needle is demonstrated in this video -- I hold the needle WRONG first. Then twist it and hold it correctly. View the video in full screen!

Mohair! The go to fibre for Reborn Doll hair. Yearling Mohair is shiny, but fine enough to be just right for Newborn Baby hair. Kid Mohair is less shiny, more fuzzy. But, still soft!

I recommend finding a supplier of yearling mohair and processing it yourself. Mohair dye is NOT like human hair dye!

Thank you!

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