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About Jen Harrell

           Jen Harrell (Nishiuchi) received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in May 2011 from Southern Arkansas University. Shortly thereafter, she founded Little Wren's Nest - a Reborn Doll "Nursery" from which she creates realistic baby dolls for adult (mostly women) collectors to help them enjoy experiences related to motherhood. Her dolls help women experiencing an "empty nest", infertility, or loss of an infant. As well as, collectors that just love dolls! She has sold over 100 collectible, realistic dolls domestically and internationally.

         The international community of Reborn Doll Artists and Sculptors represent professional standards of best practice. Jen values her reputation and presence in the community, as well as, professional relationships with other Artists and Sculptors.



 She provides complimentary public tutorials for other Reborn Artists in the community seeking to improve techniques. Her popular Reborn Doll Hair Rooting Tutorial (found here) is available for reference on multiple Reborn Artist Guilds and has over 53,000 views on YouTube.

         Currently -- Jen is expected to graduate with a Master of Education in Student Affairs and College Counseling. (She is not creating as many collectible dolls during her time enrolled in University.) 

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